On May 12.2006 Mrs. S.H. Danielyan and K.E.Tatoyan hold a party. The performers were the pupils from VIIa and VIId forms. The party was devoted to the great Russian poet S.A.Yesenin: his life and work. The pupils presented the poet's biography, his famous poems and recited his romans. Both the teachers and the parents were present. The party was a success.
2006. ٳ 12- ݻ : γٳϻݻ ݪ ǻ۳ .. ³۳ ..: سݳ VII VII ݻ ߳ϻݻ: .. ۳ ͳ۳: ߳ϻݻ ݻϳ۳ ݳ ϻ볷, ͳó ݳݻ ѻ ٳݻ: ݻϳ ϳ ϳ, ݻ ߳ϻݻ: :