Hagop Oshagan Basic Scholl 172

School 172 after Hagop Oshagan was founded in 1959, at first it was School 78, but in 1961, the school was transferred to another buiding and it got a new number that is 172.  Since 1963 school has been  specialized in the English language. A number of subjects has been taught in English: Geography, History of the UK, Country Study, Technical and literary Translation  in upper grades since 1992. Applied Economics has been taught which was realized by “The Youth  Achievment” organization. According to certain studies after leaving school 90-98% of our school graduates enter higher educational institutions. Every year pupils take part in Olympiads in different subjects taking high prizes. One of the pupils Vardges Levonyan took part in Mathematics World Olympiad.
In political dispute-contest organized by “Youth Achievments”12 pupils became the winners and school got a special certificate expressing their gratitude. In 1999 school became a member of Yerevan- Cambridge association. In October 5 pupils and a teacher left for Boston for a month to exchange experience and improve language skills. In 2000 we received guests from Boston (15 pupils and 5 teachers). They lived in families attending the lectures and travelling through Armenia.

By the decision of the pedagogical council new subjects  were  involved in curriculum. one of them is “Civil Education”. According to the contest announced by the World Bank in 2000 our school won a grand. It enciched 3 studies with special laboratory tables, technical equipments. In July 2000 the  Embassy of the USA initiated to open an Internet Computer Study which was named after Leonard Petrosyan. The ambassador of the USA Michel Lemon and some members of the Embassy stuff were present at the opening of the center. Now the center helps the pupils to take part in on line forums and projects organized by Project Harmony. The opening  presentation for Touch Typing Trails was on the 17 th of May 2005 with Ray Recder HDP Executive Director.
Our pupils took part in “Armenian Typist 1600” project which was a success.
Computer facilities include free E mail and internet access. Over the years school 172 has established a reputation for good standards of teaching combined with personal care and attention as well as truly warm and friendly atmosphere. the subjects offered are Armenian, English, Russian, History of the UK, Country Study, Maths Phisics Chemistry, Biology, History of Armenian Church, History of Armenia, History of Middle Ages, Geography PE, Art, Chess. English, Russian, Armenian classes have an average of 10 with a maximum of 15 pupils.

The pupils have taken part in “Shakespeare 450” contest organized by British Council in 2014. Children demonstrated good knowledge of the theme, noted for their artistic talent. They won the II prize.

One of school extra-carricular activities is “The Marionette Theatre”. It’s already 12 years the theatre has been making spectators happy by its beautiful and graceful performances. Children of different ages from 1- st to 9- th forms are involved in the theatre work. They take part in different parties and ceremonies. They have performed 2 famous operas “Anush” and “Carmen”. They are based on the music  of such famous singers as Charle Aznavour, Joe Dassen and others. For this wonderful theatre we are grateful to our skillful and beloved director and producer Mrs. Topuzian. After her death The  Marionette Theatre continued her work, making puppets “play” and exciting the onlookers.

The school staff believes that spiritual and cultural enrichment is very important aspect for a child’s development. In this regard a visit to Orran (benevolent not-governmental organization) is very important. It has become an annual tradition. At the heart of our partnership is an ambition to establish partnership between the children, establishing new relationship. One of the school traditions is annual Easter. and Christmas fairs. The pupils sell their hand-made goods and cookies. Money received is spent on different purposes.
Every autumn 7-8 form  pupils take pert in ATP(Armenian Tree Project) work. They deliver reports, support the project work, organize slide shows, discuss environmental problems and suggest solutions. Great attention is paid to arts. About 50 pupils attend this club. Exhibitions are organized and the best pictures are demonstrated at school. Pupils also take part in other contests.
The whole curriculum is taught by a stuff having rich experience and deep knowledge. They provide high quality education to our pupils. Very often open-lessons are organized at school. Very often the teachers take part in qualification courses, paying great attention to personal development.

Our address:

Bahramyan 59a , tel. 225835, 225834

e-mail: school172@schools.am