In July 2000 the Embassy of the USA initiated to open an Internet Computer Center at N172 School after Hakob Oshakan, which was named after Leonard Petrosyan. The ambassador of the USA Michel Lemon and some members of the Embassy stuff was present at the Grand Opening of the Center.


Now we try to foster the existing partnership with Project Harmony. ICC organizes different parties, open lessons and online tests. Our pupils take part in online forums and projects organized by PH with great enthusiasm. Recently they took part in the online project "Let's join", competition of compositions and etc..


The opening presentation for Touch Typing Trials was on the 17th of May, 2005 with Ray Reeder, HDP Executive Director, Narine Hakobjanyan, Program Coordinator, Alexander Faramazyan, Information Technologies Director, Ruben Krikyan, Education Department Coordinator from Jinishian Foundation, Christine Tshgnavoryan,Youth Leadership Initiatives Coordinator, Project Harmony. By the suggestion of Project Harmony our pupils took part in "Armenian Typist 1600" project which was a success.

Now the computer facilities include free E-mail and internet access

ICC staff Arakelyan Narine narakelyan@schools.am