One of shcool's extra carricular activities is "the marionette theatre". Children of different ages ane involved in the Theatre work, The pupils take part in different parties and ceremonies. We have various types of performances and 2 famous operas "Anush" and "Carmen". There are performances based on the music of such famous singer as CharleAznavour, Joe Dassen and others. It's rather difficult to put the marionette into movement and life. The actor should understand the essence of his role so that he can make the puppet "play" and excite the onlooker. For this wonderful theatre we are grateful to our skillful and beloved director and producer Mrs.Topuzyan. After her death, now Marionette Theatre hasnt its practice even for a day. More and more pupils are engaged in its activitves. Their performances make onlookess happy not only at school parties but also on different stages. We believe that spiritual and cultural enrichment is a very important aspect for a child's development.

In this regard visita to Orran (benevolent, not - gover mental organization) are especially important for the pupils.Annual visits to Orran make pupils communicate with new relation ship with other children. They prepare their own hand made presents (cakes, toys, cooking, clothes) and organize little concerts there are the first steps...

It has become a tradition to organize Christmas and easter fairs at school.Pupils od different a ges take part in these fairs, each with a handmade thing the money earned is

Every autumn the 7-th and 8-th form pupils take part in ATP (Armenian Tree Project) work. They deliver reports support the ATP work, organize slide shows they discuss invironmental problems and suggest solutions.